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In the beginning

In the beginning, we thought we would be in there 4 months tops, and we all decided we would not move in, until every switch plate, every piece of trim, everything right down to a fridge full of food was there. But this slowly changed as we got into the colder months. The poor old […]

It is still

The best instrument can be hired at a cost of 700, beyond the means of the company. The singers have been polishing their high notes and learning 200 pages of music by heart. And as soprano Andrea Tweedale, 28, says: “It would give us such a boost to have a proper piano. Was no encampment […]

For example

In each case, though, the costs and potential revenues are quite different. Forexample, in order for Alaska to develop its natural gas reserves, we would need a long, large diameter natural gas pipeline and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility just to reach the nearestmarket. That is an expensive proposition. Against Terrace. Against Quesnel. At […]

Akale and yam couscous

Adding to the new SID’s capabilities are its highly evolved internals which include the well proven and highly tunable Dual Air spring system and updated Motion Control damper. In the case of our mid level SID Team version, the BlackBox compression assembly also upgrades to a titanium spring tube for lighter weight. A printed on […]

Over the years

Over the years, “the word that got out was that aviators found it taboo to fly over a cemetery. I think that’s just a lame excuse that some people bought into. I think it became two things. As far as what’s next for the residents of Lake Diversion, some of the residents have housing they’ll […]

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